About our practice

Our practice

Dr George Proimos is an Interventional Cardiologist. He is primarily based at Epworth Hospital but also sees public patients at Austin Health and Box Hill Hospital, and private patients in rooms at Eastern Heart.

Dr Proimos has a large inpatient workload in hospital and allocates his time to see private patients at set times throughout the week. He aims to see all patients within two weeks, unless there is a medical emergency.

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Our team

Claire - Cardiac Nurse

Claire – Cardiac nurse

Claire is a Critical Care trained nurse and has worked for Dr Proimos for over 15 years. She previously was a team leader of Coronary Care nursing staff at the Epworth Hospital. Claire consults with each patient before they see Dr Proimos. She gives patients their results by phone, answers questions from patients regarding medications, conditions and concerns with she will discuss with Dr Proimos.

Phone: 03 9429 6094
Email: office@georgeproimoscardiologist.com.au